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  • Are your pins compatible with other rail systems?
    Currently, the pins are designed for the Picatinny rail system. An adapter may be used to fit the pins to both KEYMOD and M-LOK. However, we are in development for KEYMOD and M-LOK specific systems.
  • Are these pins only meant to be used with airsoft?
    We here at Rail Pins are adults who shoot real guns so we designed them for real guns so no! (but yes, you can put these on airsoft guns too).
  • How should I care for my pin?
    Our pins are made of steel and have a durable powdercoat paint however, we do not suggest you smack it with a rock or throw it off a cliff. Do not clean your pin with solvents.
  • Where are Rail Pins made?
    Rail Pins are proudly hand made in Dallas, Texas using 100% American made products.
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    Yes, we love custom orders. Our design team will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. However, custom orders can get expensive when ordering only one so bulk (20+) is advised to keep the price per pin in line with our stock. Similarly, we can offer bulk discounts for orders over 100 matching pins, custom colors are acceptable.
  • Can I order custom colors?
    Yes, we have most color options avalable. If you see it on another pin we can do it. If you want a color not on our website we can usually get the color for an extra charge and will work with you to get the color right.
  • Can you produce company logos, police department or military unit patches?"
    Yes, we would be happy to however you must be the owner or have written permission from the owner. Of course, it will be considered a custom order unless you obtain approval to add it to our stock.
  • Why buy a Rail Pin?
    Why? Why wouldn't you?! Rail Pins are not only morale patches for your gun but can be used to learn hand placement on your rifle, help you stand out at the range and identify your gun.
  • I have an idea for a new pin may I submit it to you?
    YES! Please do. We love imput from the community but please keep your submissions respectful and original (it would also be helpful if you could provide a sketch of your idea).
  • I just attached my pin to my gun and want to share it with the world how should I?
    Please share it we love to see our pins out in the wild. You can email the picture to us or tag us on instagram and we will be sure to re-post it.
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